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Orbit has been designed with the customer in mind. 

Designed and manufactured in the UK from the ground up with two years of extensive market research. Orbit includes a vast amount of advanced features that makes it one of a kind in the float industry.

Orbit is fully emptied after each use, passed through filtration system and then stored in reservoir tanks ready for  next use. This allows for 100% solution processing ensuring every customer has the cleanest float session.

Quality Features

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Orbit Includes:


Orbit Technologies


Order ORBITS now. 🇺🇸  Available Starting 2.12

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Orbit takes centre stage in the latest advert from KP Thrive and NBA Star Stephen Curry


Train the Mind.

The Body Will Follow.

Health & well-being organization, KP Thrive, recently collaborated with NBA basketball player, Stephen Curry, to see how he trains the hardest part of his game – his mind


Float Therapy Made Easy.

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A 360° support system to help you manage the business of floating

Whether you’re in the initial stages of your business plan, want the safest way to ship your float products, or need supplies for your growing business, Float Experts has you covered.


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