Float Therapy FAQ


1) How is the water cleaned?

Each float center is different so it is best to consult your center if this is a concern of yours. However, the water in each pod is sterilized by the large amount of salt that is used. Float pods also contain filters that are run between each float and often times while the tank is empty. 

2) What do I need to do to prepare?

Do not drink coffee before you float - we know how unrelaxing coffee jitters are! Eating a heavy meal is not suggested as it may hinder you from relaxing fully, but a light meal an hour and a half before is good so that your stomach is not grumbling the whole time. 

3) What if I get salt in my eyes?

Most float centers have eye-flushes in the room with you so that if you do get salt in your eye you can flush it out with the fresh water. It does burn a little, but should not be harmful to your eyes if you do flush it out. 

4) Can I float while pregnant?

As with anything you should check with your physician before floating while pregnant, especially in your third trimester. But, there are very few reasons that you would not be able to. In fact, there are many additional benefits for floating while pregnant. 

You can float in a certain position that relieves all of the extra weight

Magnesium is especially important while pregnant and floating helps boost natural levels in the body

Your pregnancy aches and pains, and inflammation, can be relieved by floating

5) Can I get out of the tank during the session?

Your tank will be in a private room. You can leave the door to the tank or pod open if that makes you feel more comfortable!

6) Can I drown if I fall asleep?

No. Many people choose to sleep while they are in the tank. There are only about 10 inches of water in each tank and because of the large amount of salt the water is very buoyant. 

7) Do I float nude?

You can float nude or you can wear a bathing suit, it is totally upto you and what you are comfortable with, however clothing will become weighed down with salt and may become a distraction.

8) Do I bring anything?

Check with the float center that you are going to, but you should not need to bring anything. They should provide you with towels, robes, ear plugs, and anything else you may need. 

9) Can I float with contact lenses?

We would suggest taking the lenses out since you will have your eyes closed for a long period of time, may get salt in them, and may fall asleep! 

10) I'm claustrophobic, can I float?

Many people with claustrophobia do not have a hard time floating! You are always in control of the environment, with the ability to open the door, get out, or in some tanks even turn on a light. You may find that you quickly lose track of the walls and the space and ease into a relaxed state. 

11) Can I float after having my hair dyed?

Definitely check the clarity of the water running from your hair when you shower. If there is still colorant coming out, we suggest waiting so that the Epsom Salt does not strip any color.  

12) How long has floating been around?

Floating has been around for about 50 years. There is tons of research to show that there are many benefits to float therapy. Read here for more. 

13) Do I prune up or get dehydrating soaking for so long in the Epsom Salt?

Not at all. The salt does not cause your skin to get pruny - it actually makes it feel silky smooth.