Orbit Float Tank

Orbit Float Tank


Designed with The Future in Mind

Orbit has been designed with the future in mind, based on extensive market research, the design stems from the ground up, offering clients an experience like no other - an out of this world journey.

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Orbit Features

Key Features:

  • Nature inspired Lighting Effects

  • Organic Shape  

  • Easy Entry & Exit 

  • Robust Multi Section Construction

  • Room Light control

  • Attendant Call Buttons

  • Silent Ventilation 

  • Easy Clean Coating

Empty to Full Ability: Orbit allows the solution to be emptied in minutes, allowing easy cleaning of internal surfaces and overnight storage with less evaporation or heat loss, as well as 100% solution processing.

Absolute Filtration: By emptying after every customer we can garentee the solution is fully processed, through Absolute 1 Micron Bag filters, Photocatalyic UV, and Automatic chemcial dosing.

Smart Pod: Orbit is smart, it knows how it should be operated and feedsback when something isnt right. See technical specifications for more infomation. 

Orbit Technical Information

The Pump and Storage Tank

Orbit is at the cutting edge of solution processing, with every effort to ensure ease of use for the user and the ultimate in cleanliness for customers. Orbit boasts Absolute 1 Micron filtration, Photocatalytic UV Germicidal Disinfection and Hydrogen Peroxide or optional Chlorine Dosing. Orbit is designed to meet the highest standards of sanitization possible.

Orbit can be emptied within approximately 7 minutes of the customer leaving to ensure all of the solution is filtered and treated. It is stored, filtered, and kept to temperature until the next use, minimising evaporation and heat loss. 

Solution monitoring ensures that temperature, pH, Density, Hydrogen Peroxide or Chlorine levels, solution in pod level, filter life and UV life are all kept within optimal operating parameters, with feedback to the operator via Orbit Control. 

Orbit can recognise when the person has entered the Pod, which automatically starts the float timer, along with turning off the room lights. 

Online support and diagnostics are available to ensure reliability at all times.

Hybrid Ultra Violet Filtration

Orbit's Photocatalytic Ultra Violet (UV) Germicidal Disinfection unit ensures that maximum solution cleaning is achieved on every filtration cycle. Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI) is a disinfection method that uses short wavelength ultraviolet (UV-C) light to kill or deactivate microorganisms by destroying the nucleus and disrupting their DNA, leaving them unable to perform vital cellular functions.

eamed with Orbit´s other Filtration features it ensures that we are able to guarantee safe and clean solutions for every float. 

Orbit´s Hybrid UV system has all of the benefits of standard UV-C Solution treatment lamps and takes a step forward offering hydroxyl radical technology for superior results.

Absolute 1 Micron Filters

Orbits 1 Micron Filters are an industry first, they provide Absolute filtration, compared to convetional filters they are aproximately 60% more efficent . Manufactured from FDA compliant to CFR Title 21 and meeting stringent testing from BS6920, the filters are WRAS approved. 

With a Multiple microfibre layers the filters remove fine particulate, oils and other unwanted nasties from the solution.

All of the Orbit features are monitored using Orbit Control, which will recommend when the filter should be changed and indicate how long until the next change is required. 

Activated Carbon Filter Boost

Water quaility varies in all parts of the world, from different mineral makeups and sediment deposits. Orbit has been designed to allow a Activated Carbon Filter Boost, this replaces both bag filters and allows water quaility to be restored to a netural point*. Our Carbon filters are Tested and Certified by NSF International to NSF/ANSI Standard 42.

*Carbon filter mode to be selected, not suitable for daily running of Orbit


Certifications and Approvals

Orbits continual drive for improvement of quality product means we have worked closely with industry experts to provide what we believe is the best solution for Floatation tanks on the market.

Orbit is working towards full TUV quality standard approval, and currently, holds CE certification. 

Orbits 1 Micron Filters are Manufactured from FDA compliant to CFR Title 21 and meeting stringent testing from BS6920, the filters are WRAS approved. Our Carbon filters are Tested and Certified by NSF International to NSF/ANSI Standard 42. All pipework is WRAS (Water Regulations Advisory Scheme)  approved. 

Orbit Maintenance

Designed to reduce client workload and staffing costs, Orbit Control eliminates day to day remedial tasks. 

Acting as a central control centre, for all Orbits installed. 

Orbit Control is always developing to meet customers needs and fully embraces feedback.


Designed for Optimisation

- Overseeing Float Sessions

- Music Selection

- Lighting Profiles

- Client in/out of Orbit

- Auto start of the float session timer once the client has entered Orbi

- Room lighting control


Real Time Data Feedback

- Temperature 

- pH level 

- Hydrogen Peroxide / Chlorine Level 

- Heater Usage

- Pump Usage 

- Solution Density 

- UV Bulb Life 

- Filter Life 

- Solution Level