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Our goal is to challenge the status quo and set the standard of excellence for the Float Industry by providing professional training, certification courses, licensing, and 24/7 tech support and customer service -Industry First.

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8-Point Quality Check

Regular maintenance can reduce the need for repairs, while routine checkups, typically every month, can help prevent failure of components such as motors and seals. Clients will pay professionals on average $150-$250 per maintenance session. We’ve assessed every step of the support process and developed our 8-Point Quality Check, which includes:

  1. Surface Inspection
  2. Structure Test
  3. Plumbing Inspection
  4. Electrical Inspection
  5. Corrosion Inspection
  6. Accelerated Usage Test
  7. UI Test
  8. Solution Inspection & Test

Additional considerations and costs

Onsite Repairs by Float Support

Charges by professionals to repair your float tank do not typically include a diagnostic fee. The majority of spa professionals charge around $200-$250 to examine your tub and identify the problems for you; however, you may get the diagnosis service free of charge if you engage the same expert for the actual repair or replacement work. Our support team will visit any location for a service fee of $150.00 per hr. (two hour minimum), plus fuel or travel fees.